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09/20/11 09:29am

I have searched the archives, but still cannot figure out how to access CylindricalPlot3D.

Here is what I am trying to do

<< Graphics`ParametricPlot3D`
cone = CylindricalPlot3D[3r, {r, 0, 3}, {θ,
0, 2Pi}, DisplayFunction -> Identity];
hemisphere = CylindricalPlot3D[9 + Sqrt(9 - r^2), {r,
0, 3}, {θ, 0, 2Pi}, DisplayFunction -> Identity];
g = GraphicsArray[{cone, hemisphere}];
Show[g, DisplayFunction -> $DisplayFunction];

I get an error saying: CylindricalPlot3D is not a type of graphics

I looked in the Help Browser & cannot find any listing for CylindricalPlot3D. I do find ParametricPlot3D, but no info on CylindricalPlot3D.

Any help will be much appreciated. TIA, Joe

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Re: Re: CylindricalPlot3D Joe 09/20/11 11:52am
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