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09/20/11 6:53pm

Hey there.

At the moment I'm working on a SQUID experiment and I need to do some data-fitting, which is working very nice & quick, and some basic data transformation & plotting, which is horribly slow.

I put 3 cells in my notebook:

* first cell is defining the source data (normally by "Import" - sorry for scrollmania)
* second cell is doing my customized fit and plots the data used for fitting, and its fitted function (still working perfectly fast)
* third is doing some data transformation of the fitted data (depending on some parameters of the fit) and does a "ListPolarPlot" of it; which is taking ages...

The last cell goes like this:

P1polar := Table[{(P1data[[j]][[1]])*c, Abs[P1data[[j]][[2]] - a]} /. {P1nlm[[1]][[2]]}, {j, 1, Length[P1data]}];
ListPolarPlot[P1polar, PlotStyle -> Opacity[.25]]

*'P1data' is the list of fitted data
* 'c' and 'a' are parameters received by the fit (defined in 'P1nlm[[1]][[2]]')

It IS slow, you can see for yourself by executing the attached *.nb.
I suppose somewhere in this last part I coded some bollocks and Mathematica does the whole list-transforming iteration again for every point it plots...

I really have no clue and am eagerly anticipating your help.

Thank you alot,


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