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Benedikt Brandt
09/21/11 07:26am

Hello alltogether

I just tried to do a fit of some experimental data containing errors in both x and y coordinates (using mathematica 7). However I can't get FindFit to do that.

My example data is

data = {{{1, 0.1}, {2, 0.2}}, {{2, 0.1}, {4, 0.2}}}

in the format of {{{x1,x1_err},{y1,y1_err}},{{x2,x2_err},{y2,y2_err}}}. Doing

FindFit[data, a[0] + a[1] x, {a[0], a[1]}, x]

i get the following error:

FindFit::fitd: First argument {{{1,0.1},{2,0.2}},{{2,0.1},{4,0.2}}} in FindFit is not a list or a rectangular array. >>

Therefore my question: Does standard mathematica not support fits with errors in the data points? Do I have to purchase the experimental data analyst for that? Or did I simply got the format wrong in the above example?


B. Brandt

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