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09/24/11 06:16am

Hi everyone,
I'm encountering the following issue:
I'm solving using NDSolve a vectorial equation which consist in the space and time evolution of a 3 component vector "V" within some field. I get the numerical solution for my 3 components:

V=( Vx(x,y,t),Vy(x,y,t),Vz(x,y,t) ) (they don't depend on the z space cooordinate). The time evolution is provided by the Manipulate function over "t".

I can plot using plot3D each component separately without any problem and the result shows that the solution is OK. But I'm dealing with a vector field that I need to render using VectorPlot3D. And what I get is an empty box for any value of "t". Is it impossible to Vectorplot3D an interpolated function or am I doing something wrong ? Here are the commands I use ("s" is my numerical solution):



Thanks a lot for your possible answers.

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