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09/25/11 1:28pm

Hello, I recently formatted my pc and today I installed mathematica 8. The thing is that before the format everything worked fine, but now I can't use free-form input. For example, I open a new Notebook and I select Free-form input, then I enter "the derivative of x" or "3+5" or anything and the answer I get is
"WolframAlpha::timeout: "The call to WolframAlpha[3+5, MathematicaParse] has exceeded 30.` seconds. Increasing the value of the TimeConstraint option may improve the result." If I use mathematica-input as the input method everything works fine. If anyone could help me solve this I would appreciate it.

Ps. Sorry if its the wrong place to post something like this.

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Mathematica problem with free-form input greel 09/25/11 1:28pm
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