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10/05/11 10:16am

Hi all,

I can't find the right input to get Mathematica solving the following problem:

Consider the equation

fct[x_] = h*x*Ceiling[-Log[1 - (1 - (1 - s/x)^(1/x))^(1/h)]]

where s and h are positive Integers. Now I want to derive an equation which returns me the minimum for any set of the parameters s and h. In theory this is derived by

Element[{s, h}, Integers] && s < x < 2 s &&
1 <= h <= 100}, x, Integers]

The assumptions are due to the characteristics of the problem. However, Mathematica just echoes back this input and as I'm still new to it I'm not sure what exactly the problem is. But I suppose I'm giving wrong (not enough?) input.

I would be so glad, if anyone could give me any insight what needed to be changed, or if (and why) this has no general solution or if there are any flaws in my formulation.


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