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M Belevich
10/21/11 09:02am


Once I have already paid your attention on the fact that the higher the version number of Mathematica the lower is its speed. Here is one example more.
I tried to read in a text file of about 10kb (ABClist.txt, see the attachment) with some Mathematica instructions using the command


The version 8 was awfully slow, while the version 5.1 was the most speedy one. The comparison with two other versions gave the following result

Mma 5.1: 0.156 sec
Mma 6:    2.918 sec
Mma 7: 67.19 sec
Mma 8: 103.647 sec

What's the matter and how can I overcome this annoying feature of the version 8 ?

Attachment: ABClist.txt, URL: ,
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