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Rob Gross
07/23/99 11:33am

I posted a message a few days ago about package writing. Well, I've experimented some more, and now I am even more puzzled. When reading the Mathematica book I found a package with a similar format as the package I was trying to test it out. This is the package from the book:

BeginPackage[''test2`'', ''Statistics`ConfidenceIntervals`'']

myMeanCI::usage = ''myMeanCI[list] gives my value for MeanCI.''


myMeanCI[list_] := MeanCI[list, KnownVariance -> 1.]

End[ ]

EndPackage[ ]

When I loaded this package, their were no conflicts and when I typed ?MeanCI, I got:


''MeanCI[list, options] returns a list {min, max} representing a confidence \
interval for the population mean, using the entries in list as a sample drawn \
from the population.''

Which is what is supposed to happen- it's supposed be given the definition assigned to it in the add on package.

My test package is this:

BeginPackage[''testpackage3`'', ''Calculus`DiracDelta`'']


us[x_]:= UnitStep[x]

End[ ]

EndPackage[ ]

When I load this, I get this message:

Symbol UnitStep appears in multiple contexts
Calculus`DiracDelta`, Global`; definitions in context
Calculus`DiracDelta` may shadow or be shadowed by other

In when I type ?UnitStep, I get:


What is the difference between both of these packages that would produce one that works properly and one that does not? I do not see any differences. Both of these packages are in initilization cells by the way. Someone please tell me- this is incredibly frustrating.

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