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10/26/11 08:59am

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I'm really *really* new to Mathematica, and I'm 3D plotting the function (x*(1 + x)^(-1 - k)) for {x,0,5} and {k,1.5,4}. This works fine.

However, for each value of k I want to normalize the '2D' x slice so that the x-peak value stays constant (=1.0) for all k.

I tried the following, using MaxValue:

Plot3D[(Sqrt[x]*(1 + x)^(-1 - k))/(MaxValue[{Sqrt[x]*(1 + x)^(-1 - k), 1.5 < k < 4}, x]), {x, 0, 5}, {k, 1.5, 4}]

but get error messages like "MaxValue::ivar: 0.0003575` is not a valid variable..."

How do I normalize each slice?



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**Revised: Plot3D normalization dcnicholls 10/26/11 08:59am
Re: **Revised: Plot3D normalization dcnicholls 10/27/11 00:25am
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