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Martin Keller-Ressel
07/27/99 12:16pm

Hello !

I'm using Mathematica 3.0 (Student Edition) for Win95/NT and recently got me MathLink
Developer Kit for Windows. The prebuilt examples worked perfectly on my Computer. But then I
tried to build the examples with my own compiler - I'm using the (Linux-based)
mingw32/gcc-compiler for cross-compiling my Windows applications, which usually works very
Compiling was no problem, but the linker couldn't link with any of the libraries in the ML Developer
Kit. (in fact using the OMF library for Borland or Symantec C/C++ it didn't even start linking
because of ''unrecognized library format'' and using one of the COFF libraries it tried to link but then
warned about ''duplicate sections'' in the library and created an unuseable .exe-file)
My question is: Are there any MathLink for Windows libraries for the gcc-compiler available, or can
you think of any other solution to my problem ??


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