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Steve Chin
07/28/99 09:34am

I am trying to obtain inverse function of W in terms of h (h=....).
W is defined by as follows ;
W = (2 Ay By (Bpx-Bx+Cpx-Cx)+Ay^2(-Cpx+Cx)+2 By^2 (Ax- Cpx+Cx)-2 (Ax-Bpx+Bx) By Cy-
Ay (Ax+4 Bpx-4 Bx-Cpx+Cx) Cy+Ax Cy^2)/(Ay-2 By+Cy)^2-(
Apx (2 Bpy^2+Apy (-Cpy+h)-2 Bpy (Cpy+h)+
Cpy (Cpy+h)+2 (Bpy-Cpy)
\[Sqrt](Bpy^2-Apy Cpy-2 Bpy h+(Apy+Cpy) h)))/(
Apy-2 Bpy+Cpy)^2+((Ax+2 Bpx-2 Bx-Cpx+Cx) (Ay-2 By+Cy)
h+2 (By (Ax+Cpx-Cx)+Ay (Bpx-Bx-Cpx+Cx)-(Ax+Bpx-Bx) Cy)
\[Sqrt](By^2-Ay Cy-2 By h+(Ay+Cy) h))/(Ay-2 By+Cy)^2

I typed Solve[the above expression == W, h] on the frontend mode, But it generated nothing.
Anybody can share the solution to obtain inverseFunction of this?
Thanks in advance


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