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11/21/11 9:42pm

eqns = {Subscript[i, ac][s] ==
1/s/Subscript[L, i]*(Subscript[v, i][s] - Subscript[v, ac][s]),
Subscript[v, i][s] == d[s]*Subscript[V, dc],
Subscript[i, c][s] == s*Subscript[C, f]*Subscript[v, ac][s],
Subscript[v, ac][s] ==
Subscript[v, g][s] + s +
Subscript[L, g]*(Subscript[i, ac][s] - Subscript[i, c][s])}

solve[eqns, {Subscript[i, ac][s], Subscript[v, g][s], d[s],
s}, {Subscript[v, i][s], Subscript[i, c][s]}]

please paste above into the notebook and explain to me what i have done wrong. i just want to get a solution in the simplest form as functions of four variables (, d, and v.g, and s) while eliminating the other vars. everything that doesnt have (s) as an argument is a constant.

this is an electrical engineering circuit in the s domain. it seems like the syntax should work but it just repeats the inputs (no error message).

any help out there?


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