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12/04/11 1:14pm

I am in need of evaluating an Integral with NIntegrate, however the precision of calculations is too big ,therefore increasing the calculation time drastically.
So the problem:
I need Mathematica to work with numbers which are greater than 0.0001. So in case it gets 323.222563+0.000004568i it would just consider 323.2226 +0i. In mathcad this could be done by writing TOL and it would work globally I guess.In mathematica I did not find such an option of Global tolerance, neither can I write Tolerance as an option in NIntegrate. I would be very grateful for a solution to this problem:).

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Tolerance control in NIntegrate Karolis 12/04/11 1:14pm
Re: Tolerance control in NIntegrate Karolis 12/05/11 01:40am
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