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12/09/11 03:30am


I need your help. I solve a differential equation which is a kind of y'[t]==a*X[t]*y[t]+a*X[t]^k. With NDSolve I've got good results and now I want to have a 3D plot of y[t] for different values of a.

I already mentioned the possibility of making a table with Table[s = NDSolve[{y'[t]==a*X[t]*y[t]+b*X[t]^k,y[tmin]=0},y,{t,tmin,tmax}];Evaluate[y[tmax]/.s],{a,amin,amax]

This gives me the possibility to get the final values of y for different a's.

But it would be very nice to see the dynamics like I already have for fixed values of a.

Thank you!

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