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12/15/11 04:18am

Hey guys, I'm getting started with Mathematica and I'm having some problems.
I have defined a wavefunction, which depends on two not yet known variables: the normalization constant A and the function variable q:
psi2[q_] := A*((Exp[y (c - b)] + Exp[-y (c - b)])/(Exp[-z (c - b)] +
Exp[-z (c + b)]))*(Exp[-z*q] - Exp[2 z*c + z*q])

Now I'm trying to get Mathematica to calculate the conjugate of the function, but it refuses. Even when I use assuming to tell it that A and q are real:
Assuming[Im[q] == 0 && Im[A] == 0, Conjugate[psi2[q]]]

it still gives an answer of the form:
(6.40733*10^6 -
5.86046*10^6 I) (-E^((0. - 76.8799 I) - (0. + 3.844 I) Conjugate[
q]) + E^((0. + 3.844 I) Conjugate[q])) Conjugate[A]

Does anyone know how to handle this?

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