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Making a simple program
12/15/11 9:30pm

I was trying out Mathematica 8 and I defined a function I'm using now for my physics class.
ATENSION[a_, b_, w_] := (w*cos[180 - b])/(sen[a]*cos[180 - b] - cos[a]*sen[180 - b])
BTENSION[a_, b_, w_] := (w*cos[a])/(sen[180 - b]*cos[a] - cos[180 - b]*sen[a])

But I get the output in the form of a fraction. I was wishing to know if there's some way the output can be transformed to a totally numerical one. I have tried RealDigits[], N[], and many other things but can't quite get it to show as a number.

Also, it would be awesome if I could get a way to mix both equations so I only introduce the input one time, and generate both outputs at once. Thanks in advance.

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Please help this noob out. Making a sim... 12/15/11 9:30pm
Re: Please help this noob out. Quinn McKinsey 12/17/11 2:33pm
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