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12/25/11 8:46pm

what I'm trying to do is simple. Circles within circles within circles. It's really simple. What I don't understand in Mathematica is how to render graphics iteratively, i.e. layering within the same plot. Every time it creates a new object it creates a new plane to render upon. My code thus far is:

r = 1; initFactor = 3; levels = 3;
For[level = 0, level <= levels, level++,
circles = factor^level;
r2 = r/circles;
For[i = 0, i < circles, i++,
Print[Graphics[Circle[{(2 i + 1)*r2 - r, 0}, r2], Axes -> True,
ImageSize -> Small, AxesOrigin -> {0, 0}, PlotRange -> r]]
I know that the math for the size and positioning of the circles is sound, therefore it is simply to put it in the same image.

The other thing I would like to do is to add a manipulate for factor and levels. Thank you for your time.

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drawing circles edrihan 12/25/11 8:46pm
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