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12/28/11 3:15pm

Hi, I have a question for mathematica programming. I want to repeatedly use NDSolve to solve a system of high order ODEs, which depend on a few parameters. I wanna write some kind of loop structure to scan through certain ranges of the parameters. But in most cases NDSolve will crash at some point of the independent variable (say r0), either due to numertical issues or possible singularity. I want to extract the point where NDSolve crashes, and feed this value (r0) to some other operation i want to carry out, but in an automatic way (within the loop structure). Is there anyway I can do this? Thank you.

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question about NDSolve Huajia 12/28/11 3:15pm
Re: question about NDSolve Bill Simpson 01/21/12 03:11am
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