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12/29/11 03:44am

I want to follow a horizontal movement of a black object on white background in an AVI.

- Import the first frame of the AVI
- The frame is a "list of lists" : (x = 0 - 320, y = 0 - 240, z = RGBvalues)?
How is the list sorted?
- the AVI is black and white, RGB is coded with 8 bit?
- Values : 0 - 255 from white to black?
- take one fixed y and show a list of x and their RGBvalues
- go through x (from left to right, so 0-320) and set a threshold for the RGBvalue: If RGB > some value, then: pick position x
- save position of x in a list
- import next frame of AVI

Would that be a possible way?
Any hints?

Thanks in Advance

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follow object in AVI Nlko 12/29/11 03:44am
Re: follow object in AVI Luc 12/30/11 2:19pm
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