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Russell B
01/04/12 07:04am


Does the internal algorithm for the PartitionP function in Mathematica (or failing that some later Mathematica version) incorporate the advance made by Brunier and Ono which was described in this paper:

I've heard a few comments to the effect that this 2011 breakthrough might earn its authors a Fields medal, and hence thought it might be fun to play around with their new formula by computing p(n) values for large n which would not have been precisely computable without it.

If the internal Mathematica algorithm does not incorporate this advance for computing p(n), then are you aware of any pre-existing Mathematica code which demonstrates it?

If the answer is no to both questions, then I suppose my thought would be that this might make a fine topic for a feature article on the Wolfram web site: it's one of those rare Fields-worthy advances where the result (if not the formula which produces the result) is easily explained even to non-mathematicians.

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