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01/08/12 1:55pm

Hi every body, my problem seems to be really simple but I dont know what to do. I just want to find the values of my 3 unknown Rr, X and Vm. I have the following code

V1 = 400.6/sqrt (3);
T = 20.6;
Pmech = 3229;
s = 0.0026;
f = 50;
p = 4;
Z = 0.7061 + 12.6429*i;
omega = 2*pi*(f/(p/2));
R1 = 0.125;
solve[{3*Vm^2*(1/(Rr/(s*X) + s*(X/Rr))/omega)*X == T,
N[abs*(V1 - V1*(R1/((Rr/s + X)*(Z/((Rr/s + X) + Z)) + R1))) == Vm],
3*Rr*((1 - s)/
s)*(abs*(V1/((Rr/s + X)*(Z/((Rr/s + X) + Z)) + R1) - (V1 -
V1*(R1/((Rr/s + X)*(Z/((Rr/s + X) + Z)) + R1)/Z))))^2 ==
Pmech}, {Rr, X, Vm}]

But when i evaluate the cell, i just have the same expression with my parameters inside the equation and no value for Vm, Rr and X.... I have tried to look at others examples but all other that you can find as help are easy and work, so I dont know.
If somebody could find it, i would be very glad !
Best regard

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