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01/10/12 10:49am

hi all
I am new in using mathematica , I need to excute this algorithem but I have no idea how to start
hope you could help me.
1-set n(max)=(cb-cop)/(cmea+cit).
2-set n=1
3-set m(max)=(cb-cit*n)/(cop+ cmea*n)
4-set m=1
5-find f such that (cop*f*m+cmea*n*m+cit*n) <=cb
6-calculate G(f,l,n).
7-set m=m+1 and repeat steps and 6 until m=m(max).
8-set n=n+1,and repeat steps 3 to 7until n=n(max).
9- the optimal solution G"(f",l",n") can be obtained as min G(f,l,n).

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