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01/11/12 04:48am

Hello, I have a bit of a problem using the Solve function... I don't quite get it how to use (save) the results i got by solving the equations (I'm working with three linear equations f1,f2,f3 and three unknown variables i,j,k).
The results look like this:
{{i -> 1800 /11, j -> 2040/11, k -> 1560/11}}
But when i tipe afterwards something like i+j it doesn't recognize the values of (in this case) i and j. So my actual question is how to save the results in some kind of variable for further use?
The solve function i am using looks like this:
Solve[{f1 == 0, f2 == 0, f3 == 0}, {i, j, k}]

I would be thankful if someone would give me some advice.

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