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01/23/12 11:15pm

I have the system of differential equations with some unknown parameters. Also I have experimental data. The system consists of three euqations.
What I want is to estimate parameters which best fit the experimental data. How to do it using the Mathematica, I know there NDSolve and FindFit functions, and I have seens the example of using them both to get the solution of the single differential equation, not the system. However I can't understand how to make the same thing for the system of differential equations.

I always get the error:
FindFit::fitc: Number of coordinates (2) is not equal to the number of variables (3).

In the help it is written:

The first argument in Fit is expected to be a list of data points, with each data point specified as a list of elements in which the last element gives the value of the response (dependent variable) and the remaining elements give values for the independent variables.

In my case all three solutions of the system of differential equations are depended variables (response) and the independed variable is time t.

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