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01/23/13 3:22pm

In the attachment is Mathematica file and i would like to help me. I want to plot ur and uz numerically as a function of B0. But first i have to solve the two numerical integrals then i will get ur and uz. For instance, when B0=0.0155 i have ur=26 and uz=52. In order to calculate ur and uz for B0=0.01551 i use u_{rn-1}=26 and u_{zn-1}=52 in the integrals and i calculate ur and uz for Bo=0.01551. Now when i want to calculate ur and uz for B0=0.01552 i just say u_{rn-1}=ur and u_{zn-1}=uz and B0=0.01553 i have u_{rn-1}=ur and u_{zn-1}=uz and so on. I need to make For-loop to calculate to make connection betwwen ur_{n-1} and uz_{n-1}. Could you help me?

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Slve mathematica code sassari 01/23/13 3:22pm
Re: Slve mathematica code Bill Simpson 01/24/13 00:03am
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