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Nasser M. Abbasi
01/29/12 00:20am

Problem is, there is a domain for Reals, Integers, Complexes, etc. but not for Positives. How can I define such a domain?

may be because "Positive" is not a mathematical "domain". it is an attribute of an object. The object is the one which is in the mathematical domain such as Reals or Integers, etc...

It is in a way like a color of an object. You want to make a color be an object.

But assuming there is such a thing, how will you use it? You will have to write


How is that more useful than just writing

Assuming[Greater[#,0] &/@ {a, b, c, d},...]


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Creating Domain objects David 01/27/12 6:10pm
Re: Creating Domain objects Nasser M. Ab... 01/29/12 00:20am
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