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Kevin Melville
02/03/12 09:49am

I am working on a function with three variables (x,y,z)=(X*Y)^0.5-(Y*Z)^1.5, currently z=1, I first have taken the derivative of this function with respect to Y, set the derivative equal to zero and solved for Y, which returned (Y->-0.3333(X)^0.5)(Y->0.333(X)^0.5). I now want to take the positive answer (Y->0.3333(X)^0.5) and use it to solve this problem, 100*Y + 100*(Y-150)=20,000 for x. I am wondering if there is a way to do this without having to retype my previous answer for Y. The reason I want to this is so that I can vary z and have the system give me the different answers without having to retype every time. Any help would be great, thank you!

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Simple Calculus Problem Kevin Melville 02/03/12 09:49am
Re: Simple Calculus Problem felfrei 02/05/12 09:57am
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