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02/05/12 09:42am


I am trying to make a graphic showing...

1. the solid of revolution created by rotating a graph around the x-Axis
2. a cylinder inside (1) that shows how the volume of (1) can by approximated
3. some lines / arrows and text within the 3D graphic

with ParametricPlot3D.

When trying to do something like this in 2D, Epilog and Prolog always helped. Here however, they don't seem to work like I want them to:

When trying to insert a cylinder as part of the Epilog, I get "Cylinder is not a Graphics primitive or directive.". I also can't insert 3D lines or arrows. If I try to insert 2D graphics primitives, it does work - it seems that Epilog here only draws 2D primitives above the rendered image of the 3D Graphics. Is there any way to actually insert 3D Objects into the Graphics3D object used by ParametricPlot3D?

I tried to use Inset, but that also seems to insert only 2D images of 3D objects.

Thanks for your help,

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