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Kevin Melville
02/08/12 9:28pm

I have a function A*S+B*T=H where A=100, B=100, T=S-Y*L where Y=1.5 and L=70, H=20000. I am trying to create a graph that gives the solution to S as A varies. I have:
ListPlot[Table[Solve[A*S + B*T == H, S], {A, 500}]].
This returns me the list that I want:
{S -> 301.98}}, {{S -> 299.02}}, {{S -> 296.117}}...
but it does not want to put it into a graph for some reason, does anyone have an idea why?

Eventually I hope to graph the solution to S and T as I vary all the variables (Y, L, A, B, H) so I was going to do it this way, one graph at a time, but if anyone has any better suggestions that would be great too. I have attached the file where I am working on this.

Attachment: FFS 2.0.nb, URL: ,

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Using ListPlot and Solve together Kevin Melville 02/08/12 9:28pm
Re: Using ListPlot and Solve together jf 02/09/12 10:50am
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