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02/15/12 05:01am

The Problem:

When using TabView within Animate, pressing the "play" button (i.e., running the animation) causes it to switch to the first tab.

What I'm Trying To Accomplish:

I have an orbit simulation I'm running, and I want to be able to watch and compare what the orbit looks like from various coordinate frames as time "t" progresses--with the Graphics for each frame being on its own tab. The idea is that, while the animation is running, I could switch between tabs and see what is going on with the orbit in the different frames--or, that I could switch to a tab and run the animation.

However, no matter what tab I'm on, whenever I press "play" TabView switches to the first tab. I can pause the animation, switch between tabs, and each tab will correctly show the Graphics output for that time/animation step--but I can't seem to do this while the animation runs. Is there a way around this?

My Basic Code Structure:

"First Tab"->Graphics[],
"Second Tab"->Graphics[]
{t, 0, 10}

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