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Eun S
02/15/12 11:33am

Hello, so I'm to plot two sine functions to show the orthogonality of the functions.

I am given the theorem that:

sin(j*pi*y/L) and sin(n*pi*y/L) are orthogonal functions in the range of 0<y<L as long as j!=n

I get the general concept of the idea, but I am also asked to graphically show their orthogonality.
I've tried setting the first function to sin(j*pi*y/L), second to sin(n*pi*y/L) and plot them on a graph..

To show their orthogonality relationship, I also plotted a third function that is the multiplication of the first and second functions.

Hence, if the third function: f1*f2 shows that its total area under the curve is zero, it should be orthogonal correct?

Well, for some reason, varying the j and n doesn't seem to have any effect on it, I can make j=n and the orthogonality should break at that point, but it still persists.

Can someone:

1. Confirm that I've got my equations correct
2. Take a look at my approach to proving orthogonality

Thank you

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