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Kelly Aman
02/17/12 3:12pm

I am having trouble dealing with lists of elements from finite fields.

To save some time I use the following:

SetFieldFormat[GF[2], FormatType -> FunctionOfCoefficients[gf2]]

So, GF2[2][[2,1]]=gf2[0], and GF2[2][[2,2]]=gf2[1].

Now if I have {gf2[1],0}=={gf2[1],0}, this evaluates to True. But, if the sides are not equal, like {gf2[1],0}=={gf2[1],gf2[1]}, then this evaluates to {gf2[1],0}=={gf2[1],gf2[1]} and not False.

It works fine if I use the basic notation GF[2][[2,1]] instead of gf2[1], but that is a lot more to type and so I was hoping to find a way to get it to work with the formatting.

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