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01/24/13 1:49pm

New users (including professors) experience difficulties using the new TemporalData interface to time series, so we need to be a little more informative here, weather it is HW or not (and you know me, I do not answer HW)

to the student
step 1 - generate the DsiscreteMArkovModel. it is only a definition of a random process
step 2 - use RandomFunction to generate realizations (one or several)
step 3 - (in place of the ListPlot) - use Count to count the number of occurrences of states. The count works on lists, so you need to read the documentation of TemporalData to understand how to generate the realizations (paths, in WRI jargon) Notice to use appropriate patterns and levels

I'm sure that an intelligent student will successfully use these directions to complete the task



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Results of discrete markov process Lionel 01/23/13 08:16am
Re: Results of discrete markov process yehuda 01/24/13 1:49pm
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