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02/21/12 10:51am


I am totally new to this forum so please be forgiving if I'm asking a stupid question or if I am asking it the wrong place. Also I am not a native speaker, so please forgive my english.

I have a simple definition of a function :
f3D[kx_, ky_, kz_] := 1/(1 + Abs[kx^2 + ky^2 + kz^2]^(11/6))

I then define it's Fourier Transform :
auto3d[x_, y_, z_] :=
InverseFourierTransform[f3D[i, j, k], {i, j, k}, {x, y, z}]

Note that the function is clearly in L2, so that it's integrable.
I would like to plot auto3d[0,0,z], but I can't even get a numerical approximative value for auto3d[0,0,0]. Why is that ?

Note that I can successfully plot the 1D case.
I have tried with NInverseFourierTransform or with direct FourierTransform, and even NFourierTransform.
The output just gives me the input back, even if I do N[%]...

Can somebody help ? Thanks a lot

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