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Amina Mendez
02/21/12 11:39pm

I'm trying to solve for Lyapunov exponent of a logistic map.

Here is what I have:

a = 2.5
g[x_] := a x (1 - x);
summand[x_] := Log[Abs[a - 2 a x]];
h[x_] := Mean[Map[summand, NestList[g, x, 500]]];
Plot[h[x], {x, 0, 1}, PlotRange -> All]]

This is working but I want to do this for
2 <= a <= 4 (probably with .5 unit increments). I know for loop could help me, but I'm not sure how function definitions' scope work in Mathematica for loop.

Thank you for any help/bits of advice! :]

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