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02/22/12 8:51pm

I am having serious issues when saving graphics as EPS files. An example I am having trouble with is

legDat = Partition[Flatten[Table[{j, i}, {i, 4, 0, -1}, {j, 0, 3, 1}]], 2];
Show[ListPlot[Table[{legDat[[i]]}, {i, 1, 19}], PlotMarkers -> Automatic,
PlotRange -> {{-0.25, 3.5}, {-0.25, 4.25}}, Axes -> False,
AspectRatio -> 0.25],
Text[ToString[{"CS-1-1", "CS-1-2", "CS-1-3", "CS-1-4", "CS-1-5", "CS-2-1",
"CS-2-2", "CS-2-5", "CS-2-6", "CS-4-1", "CS-4-2", "CS-4-3", "CS-4-4",
"CS-4-5", "CS-4-6", "CS-4-7", "WIL C-1", "WIL C-2", "WIL C-3"}[[i]]],
legDat[[i]] + {0.3, 0}]], {i, 1, 19}]]

I have also attached that code in a .nb file.

The problems I am having are as follows:
(1) The plot markers for CS-2-5 and WIL C-3 are missing
(2) The fonts are inconsistent within and between labels (the text components)
(3) The text components are split apart in the EPS file and are therefore inaccessible to manipulation via psfrag in LaTeX

Problem (2) can be fixed by fixing (3) and being able to use psfrag.

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