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03/01/12 09:31am

I'm working on a project where I have to solve coupled equations with some constraints.

However, I have a very difficult time finding a way to speed things up - in an earlier (but slightly incorrect version) speed was not an issue, now it's crawling at a very slow pace (it's at least 1000 times slower).

I've included the beginning of the code as an attachment, since it's difficult to read the code when pasting it as text.

As an example, I've included a few plots - even if I have tried to increase plotting speed by setting PlotPoints -> 4, MaxRecursion -> 4, even the beginning of the program is extremely slow.

Since even this (the beginning of the code) is extremely time consuming (it is used at many other points in the program), I would be extremely happy to get any kind of help with how to speed things up.

Attachment: Evaluation.nb, URL: ,
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