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03/02/12 11:46am

Hey Bill,

Simple said the problem is:

I have a Animation with 3 Disks like this:

}]], {t, 0, 10}]

For 3 Disks this is ok. But now I have let's say 100 Disks. It's rly hard work to do all the 100. So I make a Do[] Function that looks like this:

Do[Disk[{k,k*t},1],{k, 0, 3}]

This does nothing, so I need a Print-Function:

Do[CellPrint[TextCell["Disk[{k,k*t},1]],"Input"],{k, 0, 3}]

This gives me the text in Input Form and I can copy it into my graphics function.

Okey, next step is: I want to do that for various Numbers instead of 3 or 100. Let's say I want it k-times. I can do the function above again:

Do[CellPrint[TextCell["Disk[{k,k*t},1]],"Input"],{k, 0, t}]

This gives me the Text again in Input form. But now I want this to be included in the Graphics Object:

Gray, Do[CellPrint[TextCell["Disk[{k,k*t},1]],"Input"],{k, 0, t}]
}]], {t, 0, 10}]

But this doesn't work, it just prints the code at the end of the cell. Now I tried several things (see my first post) but it didnt work.
I mean in Java or any other programm it would be that easy, just sth like:

}]], {t, 0, 10}]

(syntax not correct). But I didnt get it working on mathematica.
Now to your answer. Indeed the List-function helped me, I could ( a little complicated) realise what I intended to do but I think it should be possible easier.

I have my little code in the attachement so you can see what I meant, it's perfectly working now.


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