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Yura Sim
03/06/12 4:14pm

I want for my code, attached below, to print when my function "ends..." that is, the final x value. What are the effective ways to do this?

I prefer if it culminates to having multiple event actions, rather than having to disseminate the plot, which I prefer not to do. You can see an example of this on the attached mathematica file where I print out interesting values.

But that is the question... can I have multiple event actions and event locators?

Lets say I want the event to be where y[t] - 100=0 AND y'[t]-1 AND so on... I accomplished this by the direction component of the code, but I want something more flexible.

Or I want the action to be when the differentiation STOPs and prints a value... so on.


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Mutiple Event Actions and Events Yura Sim 03/06/12 4:14pm
Re: Mutiple Event Actions and Events toen 03/17/12 02:56am
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