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03/09/12 12:13pm

Hello everyone,

I try to solve a system of ordinary differential equations with NDSolve, but constantly get error saying one of the functions is with no argument.
It looks like this:

NDSolve[{x'[q] == t[q]/(x[q]^2*y[q]), y'[q] == -q/x[q]^4,
t'[q] == -C*y[q]*t[q]^(-7.5)*x[q]^(-4), x[1] == 1, t[1] == 0,
y[1] == 0}, {x, t, y}, {q, 0, 1}]

NDSolve::dvnoarg: The function t appears with no arguments.

I checked many times and it seems t is everywhere with argument. I don't know what causes the problem. Can anyone help, please?


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NDSolve::dvnoarg Nikola 03/09/12 12:13pm
Re: NDSolve::dvnoarg toen 03/17/12 02:23am
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