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03/16/12 7:59pm

Hello all, just have a quick question I'm hoping someone could answer.

I have a system of equations:

xequation =
r5 Cos[theta5] + r6 Cos[theta6]+ r7 Cos[theta7] + r8 Cos[theta8] - r4 Cos[theta4] == 0 ;

yequation =
r5 Sin[theta5] + r6 Sin[theta6] + r7 Sin[theta7] + r8 Sin[theta8] - r4 Sin[theta4] == 0;

Everything is known except for theta5 and theta6, so I have two equations and two unknowns.

How would one go about solving for theta5 and theta6 using Mathematica?

I would appreciate any help

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