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03/25/12 11:49pm

I have a third-order, non-linear ODE that I want to solve that represents flow in between two inclined plates.


'Ren' and 'a' are constants that can be arbitrarily defined.

I can specify boundary conditions in the middle of the flow ( f'[theta]==0 ) and and the edge of the plate ( f[theta]==0 ), but it's the third constraint that gets me when I try to use NDSolve.

In order to maintain that the mass flow rate is identical at every radial location, I have an integral constraint of


I have my notebook attached to show what little work I've done with this. If it isn't already obvious, I don't really know how to work with some of the finer points of NDSolve, which I'm sure would help greatly with this problem.

Attachment: inclinedplateflow.nb, URL: ,

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