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Peter Russo
03/27/12 11:56pm

In my class where we are learning to use Mathematica, our professor showed us an example that resulted in a complicated result, but when that result was "Simplified[]", it came out to 0. The professor was using a Mac, along with a number of the students, and we all got this. However, one student who was using a Windows computer got 0 right away. We all have the most recent version of Mathematica for our respective computers. Is there some way to get Mac to auto-simplify like the PC did? Is this a preference that can be turned on? The example we were given is below if it helps. Thanks

Num = Exp[-a*(x^2)*Sin[b*x*y]]
Den = 1 + a*Cosh[b*x*y^2]
Z = Num/Den
LHS = D[Z, x, y]
RHS = D[Z, y, x]
RHS - LHS (This came out to 0 for PC, but a complicated expression on Mac)
Simplify[%8] (Gave 0 for the Mac too)

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