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Vasilis Spathis
08/23/99 10:20am

   I am trying to use TexForm in order to get the TeX expression of formulas. When the equations are small it seems to work fine, nevertheless as equations grow different problems occur.

   The first problem is the lack of line break in long expressions. Although mathematica is showing a very long epression in two or three lines when it transforms it into TeX it assumes that it's going to fit into one line (which is impossible most of the times)
   Another problem is the strange translation of functions like EllipticF into \Mfunction{EllipticF}, which is not recognizable from Latex2e...
   Furthermore Mfunction{} is also used in other strange positions... like a variable a becomes \Mfunction{a} for no specific reason...

   Are there any instuctions regarding those problems?
   I am using Mathematica 3.0 on Linux RedHat6.0

   Thanks in advance

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