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Martin Keller-Ressel
08/23/99 6:47pm


I've written a program using the ML Developer Kit for Windows and MathLink to establish a connection to the Mathematica 3.0 Kernel. The program works fine, but I wanted to automate the process of launching the Kernel by giving its name and path location in the commandline arguments passed to the program (I'm directly passing the arguments on to MLOpenArgv() ).
According to the Mathematica 3.0 HelpFile it should work like this:
c:\myprog.exe -linkname, ''Path''\MathKernel.exe -linklaunch

with ''Path'' replaced by the appropriate path.

But instead of the Kernel being launched directly, this results in a Windows Dialog box being launched and I have to select MathKernel.exe by myself. (Just like if I had just called c:\myprog.exe -linklaunch)

Can you explain this to me ?
I would be thankful for any advice...


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