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04/05/12 12:03pm


I am trying to plot the following 3D function:

Plot3D[((1+l)^2+2*w*(w-l)-(l+1)*sqrt((l+1)^2+8*w*(w-l)))/(2*(l-w)*((l+1)^2-w*(w-l)))-1+(-x+sqrt((x+(w-l)*x^2)/w))*(1-x*(l-w)-w*sqrt((x+(w-l)*x^2)/w))/(sqrt((x+(w-l)*x^2)/w))=0, {w,0,1}, {l,0,1}, PlotRange->{0,1/2}]

The outcome in Mathematica is that x=0 constant, while from numerical methods, excel and intuition due to the functional form I find a one‐sheeted hyperboloid.

Any suggestion?



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