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04/06/12 3:36pm

Still new to mathematica and having trouble getting the solution to this problem.

(2/pi) * Sum to infinity n = 1,3,5...: Sum to infinity m = 1,3,5...: Sum to infinity l = 1,3,5...: ( (-1)^(m-1)/2) * (m/(m^2 + l^2 + n^2))

I attatched a pdf of this problem as well

I've tried using the Sum function and the Nsum function with the code below. The problem is that it just continuously runs as it sums to infinity. Anyone know a good method to solve this?

Sum[((-1)^((m - 1)/2))*(m/(n^2 + l^2 + m^2)), {l, 1,Infinity, 2}, {m, 1, Infinity, 2}, {n, 1, Infinity, 2}]

Attachment: Sum Problem.pdf, URL: ,
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