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04/06/12 5:02pm


I need to generate some data in a Table and then be able to do all kinds of matrix and other mathematical operations on them. Right now I am testing the commands but am unable to get them to work. My table has this extra parenthesis floating around which I'm not sure how to get rid of.

test = Table[{i^2, y /. Solve[2 y + i == 0]}, {i, 1, 10}]

Out[8]={{1, {-(1/2)}}, {4, {-1}}, {9, {-(3/2)}}, {16, {-2}}, {25, {-(5/
2)}}, {36, {-3}}, {49, {-(7/2)}}, {64, {-4}}, {81, {-(9/
2)}}, {100, {-5}}}

test2 = {{1/2, 0}, {0, 1/2}}

Now I am unable to multiply the two Matrices, Test 2x10 and Test2 2x2. I have tried

and also

and neither command works. Also, Test has this additional set of parenthesis around the entries in the second column, for example like this:

{1, {-(1/2)}}
. I would like to be able to get rid of them if possible.. though I'm not sure if that messes anything up.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot,

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Mathematica help Table, Matrix operations Amatya 04/06/12 5:02pm
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