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Shawn McCauley
04/12/12 4:17pm

Does anyone know how to set a boundary condition to the graph below that reflects the curve back up. When I run the program, I want to be free to go as high as it will, but I want to but some kind of boundary that it can not go below. I have several functions in mind that will work, I just don't know how to apply it to this.

d = ((3.046114511938197`) (Cosh[(1.88*x)/100] -
Cos[(1.88*x)/100]) + (-2.7317723957382096`) (Sinh[(1.88*x)/
100] - Sin[(1.88*x)/100]))

Animate[Plot[d*Cos[1.88*t], {x, 0, 100},
PlotRange -> {-3, 5}], {t, .00 \[Pi], 2 \[Pi]}]

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