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08/09/99 05:58am

Hi! I'd appreciate any tips regarding the following problem.
I have a triple Integral involving exponential functions that I can evaluate using NIntegrate. I recently converted all my calculations to spherical coordinates, so now I have a triple integral involving r, sin and cos theta and sin and cos phi. The same calculation that took about 11 minutes with rectangular coordinates, is now taking me about five hours!! I guess this is because the integrand is oscillatory due to all the trigonometric functions. (I'm not sure if I'm right). However, the option Method->Oscillatory only works for one-dimesional integrals. Is there any way that I can reduce the calculation time for my 3-D integral?

Thanks in advance for all help!!

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NIntegrate - 3D with Trigonometric fns Prameela 08/09/99 05:58am
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